Exclusive Interview: Dominion Of Ashes talk gigs, inspiration and Sheffield!

It may have been nearly four years in the making but “Wretched” by Steel City Death Metal quartet Dominion Of Ashes is a prize worth waiting for, an EP sharper that a roses thorn and more atmospheric than a stormy night. The purveyors of Death Metal haven’t been resting on their laurels in that time however and instead have been getting through as many shows as humanly possible while promising punters that what they hear will be committed to tape soon enough. We caught up with them having reviewed the record released in the summer and now available in physical editions after a short delay…

After the better part of 4 years how did it feel to finally see your debut EP “Wretched” released this summer? A weight off the mind?
Tom [Proctor, guitars]: Well after the better part of 2 years locked up due to the pandemic we thought it was best that we finally get some of our music out there.
Liam [Crawshaw, drums]: Were happy to finally have it out there for people to hear.
Ben [Kirkham, bass]: Boris didn’t help.
Lee [Dunger, vocals]: It’s great that people can finally listen to us anywhere at anytime.

Thus far you’ve shared stages with everyone from Monument Of Misanthropy to Blasphemer; you must have a few fantastic memories of those nights?
Tom: For a small local band it’s was an honour to be asked to play with old school death metal bands and international touring bands.
Lee: For me personally it was amazing to get the Monument of Misanthropy gig as I was already a big fan of that band so to be able to share the stage with them was such an honour.
Ben: It was great to play with such great bands.

On the subject of touring, what would mean more to you as a band at this point? Playing a one off festival like Bloodstock or Obscene Extreme Metal Festival in the Czech Republic or 10 shows across Europe opening for someone like Within Destruction?
Liam: Definitely a tour.
Lee: That’s a tough one.
Tom: A tour would get our name far and wide but playing a festival like Bloodstock is a bucket list type thing.
Ben: Tour and festivals sounds good.

You’ve spoken of a mutual love of bands like The Black Dahlia Murder, Suffocation and Revocation but what inspires you outside of the Metal World?
Ben: Classical music, film scores, stuff like Hans Zimmer.
Tom: I love some Jamoraqui.
Lee: A mixture of things really.
Liam: I listen to all sorts, low fi, hip hop, all sorts.

The Steel City of Sheffield is know of its Metal with Malevolence in particular leading the way. What has the city and the scene done for you? Have you found it inspiring?
Ben: With the rise of the indie scene in Sheffield the metal scene took a bit of a hit but that also inspires us and other Sheffield metal bands to bring the metal scene back in Sheffield.

What’s next for Dominion Of Ashes?
Liam: Were currently looking for a second guitarist.
Tom: More new songs and gigging.
Ben: Possibly some more recording around this time next year.
Lee: Pushing ourselves as far and wide as we can.

Wretched” by Dominion Of Ashes is out now and available over at bandcamp.

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