Exclusive Interview: Derelict Dream talk “Human” EP!

Following our review of “Human”, the upcoming 23/03/19 release from Brighton Progressive Metal Trio Derelict Dream, we had the privilege to ask them a few questions around the EP, their musical style and where they see themselves going…

“Human” has been a long time in the works. What’s your proudest moment on the release?

Ant (Bass, Guitar): For me getting involved in the compositions a lot more  and the studio side of things has been really fun, i think it culminates in Burn the Hills when we just went absolutely crazy with all the orchestral arrangements. During this time i think i did an amazing job at pretending to understand what Lou was on about with his more advanced musical theory! You can hear that in the EP right?
Scott (Drums, Percussion): Probably getting round to finally releasing the EP after the exit of our drummer last year.
Lou (Guitar, Vocals): For me, the proudest moment has to be the production. I spend a good couple of months, day in and out layering up vocal harmonies and experimenting with tone. Also putting in some of Ant’s crazy ideas into songs like “Burn The Hills” is definitely a beautiful thing!

As a band, Derelict Dream write long and epic tunes. Do you foresee any short, fast tunes appearing in the future?

Ant (Bass, Guitar): Well i quite often end up being the trimmer when we are writing – believe it or not, “Burn the Hills” was almost even longer! Really its just getting that balance of big complex pieces that don’t overstay their welcome. It can be tricky though so maybe we’ll kick back for the next one and give it a Grindcore angle… somehow I don’t think everyone’s gonna be on board with that.
Scott (Drums, Percussion): Have your ever heard a short prog song?.. So probably not haha
Lou (Guitar, Vocals): Ooh that’s a tough one. When we start writing I usually end up trying to fit in as many riffs and weird chord sequences as I can. Then I just send my first version to the guys and Ant will very efficiently tell me what to cut out haha.

The EP gets more impressive as it plays through – was that a deliberate decision in the way in which the tracks are ordered?

Ant (Bass, Guitar): It wasn’t, but this question has made me notice that apart from the instrumental tracks the songs are actually in the order they were written. Does this mean we’re getting better? Yay!
Scott (Drums, Percussion): Crescendo!
Lou (Guitar, Vocals): I think it was mostly by accident. However “Burn The Hills” and “Ascension” May have little tasters of what we have planned for the next EP

The Brighton scene has always been a rich one for Metal, do you think the band have benefited from it?

Ant (Bass, Guitar): The gigs we have played in Brighton have been some seriously crazy ones (alongside the likes of Tales of Autumn, Skandal and Operation Kino – all amazing bands by the way!) I don’t know if we have fully tapped the Brighton underground scene yet but fingers crossed for the future!
Scott (Drums, Percussion): Oh yeah totally, Brighton being so diverse in its nature, there’s room for everyone even in metal.
Lou (Guitar, Vocals): Playing in Brighton for so long and seeing so many amazing bands can be described as nothing but a massively inspiring and humbling experience. I would definitely say the local scene has almost a ‘mystic’ atmosphere that really sticks with you.

If you had to pick one song that depicted the Derelict Dream sound, which one would you recommend?

Ant (Bass, Guitar): I’d say “Hearts” probably takes our different musical angles and makes them the most digestible so that may be the best introduction to us, but I would say “Burn the Hills” is the best example of where we are headed. We have some seriously crazy songs in the works for the next EP which have definitely been influenced by the “throw everything at the walls” approach we took to that song! Time will tell if we can keep these ones under 10 minutes though!
Scott (Drums, Percussion): Probably for me “Blood Dance” covers most of the melodic bases while also keeping it heavy and moving.
Lou (Guitar, Vocals): Really difficult to decide. I find that the whole EP covers different aspects of our sound but, if I had to pick one I’d have to say “Burn The Hills”.

What are the chances of seeing you at UK Tech-Fest this summer?

Ant (Bass, Guitar): If that happens my Jeans would be immediately creamed! How do we make this happen!? Can you tell I’m not the booking guy?
Scott (Drums, Percussion): If they will have us we’ll play!
Lou (Guitar, Vocals): It would be a massive honour to play at such an awesome festival. We shall just have to see how the year favours us!


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