Under The Influence #8: SixStringNoise on “AB3” by Alter Bridge!

Formed by former (?) Creed members Mark Tremonti on guitars, Brian Marshall on bass and Scott Phillips on drums who are of course joined by long time Slash and the Conspirators vocalist Myles Kennedy are Alter Bridge. Starting out in 2004 after the third Creed album “Weathered” ended it’s cycle, they have by now released 6 of their own! Released in 2010, it’s a loose concept album with darker lyrical themes and a progressive dynamic with more guitar work from Myles Kennedy and more vocals from Mark Tremonti.

George (Markos 6SN) comments: “Well going back in 2010, when I first heard ‘AB3’ from the magnificent Alter Bridge. It was the first year when I officially started 6SN as a one man’s project, under the influence of many New age modern US Hard Rock bands and one of them was of course AB. I remember when I was hearing that album from the headphones and I realized that wasn’t just a band playing some Rock or that was just a rock album with metal elements… but much more! I could notice from trips I made for hours with plane or train, many details and hidden back lines from the guitar riffs of my guitar heroes, Mark Tremonti & Myles Kennedy and the amazingly epic performance from Myles and his high range that reaches God. So even ‘Blackbird’ is my favourite AB album , having the cover layout tattooed on my back….’AB3′ it’s surely an album worth to mention about creating my own style under the basic, remarkable influence with my favourite band along Maiden….Alter Bridge of course!!!”
“Relics” by SixStringNoise is out now!

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