NEWS: Plagued By Prayers debut “Sentenced By Lies”!

In the not so distant past bands like East West Blast Test aka veteran grind musicians Dave Witte (Burnt by the Sun, Human Remains) and Chris Dodge (Spazz) devised an unconventional alliance, accomplishing the recording of full albums via back-and-forth tape trading. That’s right. Getting a four track tape and sending it via courier service of choice from the East Coast to the West Coast. In the internet age that has become a thing of the past with limitless Cloud storage and huge hard disk drives. Things like that make it possible to have so called “Internet Bands”. Players from around the World collaborating online.

One such band is Plagued By Prayers. Having a bassist and vocalist in South Wales and a guitarist and producer in Iceland hasn’t been an issue. Announcing themselves to the World on 1st January 2020, they debuted single “Sentenced By Lies” a couple of days back via Chugcore Promotions in fine Deathcore style!

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