Review: “Simulation” by Dirty Casuals

A Sludge Doom Metal quartet residing in  Cork City Ireland and emerging in late 2015, “Simulation” is the September 2019 Rebel Recordings follow up the 2018’s “Light And Dark Matter” EP from Dirty Casuals. A myriad of shows (including Weddings!) has helped establish Liam Whitnell, Samvel “Sammy” Hovhannisyan, Jim Spillane and Rory Taylor as regulars of not only the Cork Metal scene but also allowed them to  made memorable impressions far beyond. Eclectic riffs, comedy and nudity all part of the experience… after all,  who doesn’t like a few cans at a house party followed by a tinkle on the ivory’s while someone is p***ing in a pot plant?

Opening cut “Psychedelic Earthworm” is reminiscent of material from acts like Alienator with its Sludgey yet driven riffs with stuccato patterns and a blend of eclectic clean vocals with some throat shredding uncleans. It’s a powerhouse of a track that’s good fun. Taking things left field with the off kilter jazzy “Hail Lord Snail” that has a spacy vibe as it builds chord progressions over spacious drum patterns before the groovy step up that has hints of Primus with the bass sound. Lyrical references to the psychedelic effects of DMT are perhaps an insight into their source with hilarious consequences. “Burning Tree” takes us home with a return to the sounds of the opening track, blending aggresive choruses with slower melodic verses that threaten to bite with intent to sever. Another headbangable cut, it’s a joy and the contrast across the trio of tracks is perhaps a showcase for what the band could do with a full length [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Psychedelic Earworm
  2. Hail Lord Snail
  3. Burning Tree

Simulation” by Dirty Casuals is out now and available over at bandcamp


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