NEWS: Sarfaad begin by “Painting a Villain”!

A Modern Math meets Metalcore band from Mumbai, India called Sarfaad who cite chaotic influences from Code Orange, Car Bomb have released their hard hitting debut single “Painting a Villain“. In their native Hindi, Sarfaad literally means splitting of the head, which gives you a flavor as to where their music is going, with lyrical aggression and odd time signature breakdowns. They have an EP penciled in for later on in 2020, so keep them peeled for that!

The band comment: “‘Painting a Villain’ talks about the delicate issue of radicalization. Through the eyes of pop culture, the recent upsurge in the Anti-Hero narrative of things makes us empathize with a negative element of the society. Today there are quotes flying around the internet donning the images of an antagonist questioning the morals of our society. Flash frame of real life gets blurry within the consumption of media and we often tend to forget that this problem of radicalization is very real

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