NEWS: Meteora share lockdown video for Linkin Park tribute “Numb”!

Back in March Hungarian Symphonic Metallers Meteora unleashed their second studio record “Tragedy of Delusion” via Nail Records. Closing out with a tribute to the late Chester Bennington (may he rest in peace) and Linkin Park was perhaps an obvious choice given the bands name, but there is more to the story that meets the eye. So while you watch their lockdown video for the track, they’ve explained in full.

The band explain: “After we finished writing songs for our second album, we thought squeezing in one more track as a bonus was possible with the time we had left. ’Tragedy of Delusion’ was 10 songs long already, so we weren’t really forced to do it, we just had been toying with the idea of doing a cover for quite some time, and this seemed to be the ideal time. We threw music at each other in our facebook group, had a few really strong contenders, but in the end Numb won. With the name Meteora we were thought to be a Linkin Park tribute a few times, especially in the beginning, so it was just fitting to do a song of theirs from their second album, ’Meteora’. When giving the name we didn’t have that record in mind to be honest, but the Meteora temples in Greece. Máté was studying architecture at university, and he presented this idea for us some weeks before our first live show. By now it grew on us, and it represents a quiet place above everything, where you can draw back to, and calmly observe the world beneath. We were planning to do a different kind of video for this song, but along with the concerts these ideas were made impossible aswell. We didn’t want to keep people hanging though for an indefinite amount of time, so we joined the ’lockdown video movement’. We really hope that people will be open minded about the music, and like the minimalist approach of the video”

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