NEWS: Homicide set “Point Blank Rage” upon you!

Apocalyptic Thrash act Homicide are set to re-release their sophomore album “Left For Dead” on 21st August with the band sharing “Point Blank Rage” form the new chapter. We reviewed it the first time around and can promise you a tour de force of a Thrash whirlwind.

The band shares the premise and musical intricacies behind the single: “It gets things off to a fine start and is a reminder of just how good the storytelling style of vocalist Gabriel Morency is as he delivers a tale of the wrath of God. Mid-tempo evil chugs keep things going nicely and the riffs pay homage to the Bay Area Thrash scene with a nostalgic tooth gap grin while that whammy bar drop is a nice touch. It’s one of those tracks that cut at a point when it could happily go on for another few minutes and that’s always the hallmark of quality.” 

Guitarist Bryan Donahue comments: “Who said the solo was dead? They lied. The lyrics might be simple enough, but they’re crowd fodder for chanting and will go down a storm in that regard.”

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