Bootleg: Fear Factory in Sacramento California!

It seems that there is more than meets the eye to the current situation with Fear Factory. Earlier this week guitarist Dino Cazares launched a Go Fund Me campaign to raise $25k, stating it was to resurrect the machine for a new album due to legal costs around the Fear Factory name. But according to vocalist Burton C Bell, an album called “Monolith” was completed, mixed and mastered ready to in 2017 and has called out the Go Fund Me campaign as a scam. Cazares has since clarified that the 2017 vocals are being used but fresh drums and guitar parts are being laid down with Andy Sneap (Exodus, Dope, Bullet For My Valentine) being lined up for a new mixing job. All of that suggests Cazares could be the last man standing in Fear Factory in 2021 and the new album could be the last with Bell’s vocals. Either way there will be a new album next year and everyone’s eyes will be on Bell’s social media, to see if he confirms whether what we get is indeed a retouched work or if it’s the 2017 record. You can read more here.

So here’s the band at Ace of Spades in Sacramento California on 21st May 2012 on “The Industrialist” tour. This brand of show may never happen again…

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