NEWS: 2 Wolves run towards nothing!

Mixed and Mastered by Saku Moilanen at Deep Noise Studios, Finnish Melodic Death Metal act 2 Wolves have dropped a new single and music video for “Towards Nothing” via Inverse Records. Technically they celebrate a decade together in 2020 after four studio albums but a lot of line up changes in that time and the current Global situation might mean that they don’t feel like celebrating…

2 Wolves drummer, keyboard player and programmer Niko Pennanen comments: “Towards Nothing is all the the things 2 Wolves is about. With heavy riffs and haunting melodies it paves a path for the listener to the darker and gloomier side of all things. Lyrically it is the cold-eyed person in the mirror with nothing more to say but to state the inevitable. Nowhere to go except Towards Nothing.

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