NEWS: Cold Snap release live video for “Serenity”!

Filmed and edited by Kerativ, Croatian Metalcore outfit Cold Snap have released a live video for their single “Serenity”. The video was shot during a special ‘social distancing metal show’ that the band organized. Since playing live is a huge part of Cold Snap, not being able to play live is a huge problem – the band decided to take that problem head-on by hosting an open-air show themselves. Everything that could have been done to have a responsible concert experience was done. Even though the concert was originally meant to be a seated blend of plastic chairs, local bands and metalheads at one point emotions took over – all the attendees stood up and started to sing along and mosh with the band. “Serenity” was originally featured in a double music video (or a short film). It’s a song about emotional failure, imposed hatred and aggression that culminates in (as the song is titled) serenity – finding reconciliation with yourself. Enjoy Serenity and find out what the first social-distancing metal show in Croatia looked like.

The band comment: “This time we recorded a live video of our recent single “Serenity” (originally released in a double music video in early August). The video was recorded during a special social distancing metal concert that we recently organised (as we all have DIY backgrounds, and we had to do something about the no-gig scenario).  The concert starts off with people sitting in their chairs and as the song moves on everyone loses their shit and starts to sing along with the band and mosh with plastic chairs

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