NEWS: Crisix record a theme song for Resurrection Fest!

It might be a little bit cheesy but Spanish Thrash champions Crisix have recorded a theme song for Spanish Metal festival Resurrection Fest entitled “This Is Resurrection Fest” to express their love for the annual event, a true home town throwdown for the band. It’s their first original material since their “American Thrash volume #1” covers album, which sees them pay homage to the likes of Exodus, Testament and Anthrax

The band comment: “We miss playing, we miss summer festivals and we miss all of this. Every new day it’s one day closer to return to this. We hope with this song we’ve captured all the essence of a festival that we enjoyed so much where we lived so many adventures. Soon we’ll be all there again. Special mention to Xalo Martínez for all the mixing work and Harvik Dent for his lyric work in the video“.

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