NEWS: Moments premier “Empathy”, announce new EP!

Hailing from a small Belgian town and all living within walking distance from each other, the five friends that are Moments stand to share the same intimate connection with their fans. Channeling the power of heavy riffs and catchy choruses, Moments strive to be a vessel of hope, unity and friendship within the confines of a Metallic Hardcore sound. Returning with their new singles “Nemesis”, “These Walls” and “Empathy” introducing a new era for the band, a new EP “Is There A Cure?” set for release on 27th November.

The band comment: “Inequality. Racism. Prejudice. It affects the whole world, especially in 2020. ‘Empathy’ is about the fact we’re all living separate lives, the fact we’re often judging without knowing the real story. Is this the way we should behave towards each other? Because in the end we’re all the same.”

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