Bootleg: Amen in New Jersey!

East Rutherford, New Jersey at The Giants Stadium on 20th July 2000 saw the much missed Amen take the stage to play their part on the Tattoo The Earth Tour. Widely seen as a rival to Ozzfest, it saw bands like Hatebreed, Nothingface and Slayer share stages across America. Officially Amen are still a going concern with mastermind Casey Chaos and former Snot bassist John “Tumor” Fahnestock forming an axis of evil at it’s beating heart, although they haven’t actually played live since 2014. This particular incarnation includes current Godsmack drummer Shannon Larkin and former (hed)p.e. and Snot guitarist Sonny Mayo as well as Paul Fig and has been resurrected from a 1st Gen VHS Transfer by Liberated Tape Archive.

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