NEWS: Angelus Apatrida roar into life with “Bleed The Crown”!

The resurgence of Thrash Metal in recent years has been spearheaded in Spain by Angelus Apatrida. They return with their seventh studio record, a self titled affair, to be released on 5th February 2021 via Century Media Records. Produced by the band themselves who recorded with engineer Juanan López at Baboon Records and then mixed and mastered by Chris “Zeuss” Harris (Overkill, Hatebreed, Municipal Waste) at Planet-Z, the first taste of the album comes in the form of “Bleed The Crown“.

The band comment about the song: “It’s really hard to choose what’s gonna be the first single of an album, which is a complete single by itself! ‘Bleed The Crown’ maybe is one of those classic Angelus Apatrida songs that unites energy, awesome riffs and catchy vocals that once you listen to it will stay in your head the whole day! Powerful song, screaming against dark powers pulling strings from above. A perfect appetizer of what’s coming next with our new album!”

And on the video: “How to make a cool, straight-to-the-face video during a pandemic lockdown? Just call some friends who actually own an awesome graphics studio, buy tons of beers and let’s get to work! We really wanted to support some local professionals in our town, specially if they’re friends of us and incredible pros; that’s been one of the better points of this. No story, no big deal. Since we can’t perform on stage, we wanted to reflect the real sweat, blood and tears of a real show, so that’s it! The incredible work on lights of Jorge and Juanan made every shot fit perfectly with the rage and attitude of the song itself. No kidding, I think you’ll feel the energy through the screen! We want to thank Fer, Antonio, George, Juanan, Baboon Records, Capitán Denim, Ayeres Antiques, Albeniz Albacete and Arenas Audio for their great work and invaluable help!”

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