The Black Map #139: Tiberius from Edinburgh!

After five years, two EPs and a “Best Metal Act” award at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards in 2017, Progressive Metal quintet Tiberius are a band entering the land of opportunity, where the streets are paved with Gold and everyone knows their name. At Tech-Fest at least. 2020 was a huge year for the band as the craftsmanship they had put into their debut album “A Peaceful Annihilation” paid off handsomely with positive reviews which opened the doors to forthcoming Festival appearances. The reasons for that are simple; Tiberius create music that is both challenging and rewarding to listen to, a totally immersive experience with a knack for providing the perfect crescendo with impeccable musicianship while writing songs that shed light on global and personal struggles with a certain amount of tongue in cheek humour. You have to be worth your salt to get the opportunity to support masters like The Contortionist and since doing exactly that, it seems that the young padawans have gained a sharper sense of direction.

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