NEWS: Maitreya become the “Catalyst”!

It maybe six months alway but Canadian Progressive Metallers Maitreya have premiered the first single from their sophomore album “Hyper Reels” set for June 2021. They’ve chosen “Catalyst” for the purpose and given it the full music video treatment with the band going deeper into exploring complex polyrhythmic ideas, polymetric patterns and odd time signatures…

The band comment: “We wrote this song about our guitarist Mark and his catalyzing role in bringing the band together, Mark’s dedication to the band in being able to organize various elements of writing, recording, and performance cannot be understated. In the same spirit, this is a song that has a very grateful and optimistic tone. It highlights many of the macro elements people can expect throughout the rest of the album. At the time this song was written, our guitarist Mark was going through cancer treatment. This form of near death experience forced us to introspectively evaluate the deeper meanings of our relationships.

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