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NEWS: Maitreya get inspired by “Waking Life”!

The fourth and final music video preceding the upcoming 25th June sophomore album from Canadian Progressive Metalcore act Maitreya has surfaced with the band once again taking left field inspiration for it. As with the previously revealed singles, “Bloom” came to life after the band emersed themselves in well-known TV shows and movies and this

Playthrough: “Pilgrim” from Maitreya!

Inspired by guitarist Mark Wylie’s viewing of an episode of Black Mirror and taken from their upcoming full-length “Hyper Reels”, Canadian progressive metalcore outfit Maitreya have shared a vocal only performance of their April released single “Pilgrim“. It sees frontman Matt Cutrara showing some love for TesseracT and follows the music video itself, which is visually progressive

NEWS: Maitreya unleash forth single “Pilgrim”!

“Hyper Reels” maybe two months away but that hasn’t stopped Canadian Progressive Metalcore outfit Maitreya giving us a fourth single from the ten track affair. 25th June is the date in question and as with a number of the cuts, the band have taken inspiration from a TV show, while the video itself is a

Playthrough: “Summit” from Maitreya!

It is inevitable that when someone self describes their music as “Progressive” anything that it means more strings and bigger drum kits, so for this bass playthrough video for “Summit” by Canadians Maitreya it should be little wonder that it’s a five. The guitars are probably seven or eight and… Yeah, you get the picture.

Documentary: “Hyper Reels” Episode #3 from Maitreya!

After episodes one and two of the documentary series about the making of the upcoming album from Canadian Progressive Death Metallers Maitreya went in deep on singles “Catalyst” and “Departed“ discussing all the major plot twists it only seems logical that episode three would do likewise for third single “Summit“. So that’s exactly what they

Playthrough: “Summit” from Maitreya!

After the premier last month of the third single “Summit” from Canadian Progressive Metallers Maitreya which was accompanied by a music video with some stunning footage of Wolves in the Canadian wilderness, vocalist Matt Cutrara has done a one take vocal performance of the cut. It is one which will join 10 others their album

NEWS: Maitreya scale the “Summit”?

Together with a music video which features some gorgeous footage of the Canadian wilderness, Progressive Metallers Maitreya have shared a third single “Summit” from their upcoming new album. They’re keeping us waiting until 25th June for “Hyper Reels” but with 10 tracks listed and 3 singles already landed it has us wondering how many more

Documentary: “Hyper Reels” Episodes #1 & #2 from Maitreya!

Canadian Progressive Death Metallers Maitreya have their album “Hyper Reels” set for 25th June, allowing them an extended run at a promotional campaign before taking the plunge. So far we’ve gratefully received a pair of singles in “Catalyst” and “Departed“, with by both receiving playthrough videos and now it’s time for some in depth talk

Playthrough: “Departed” from Maitreya!

Continuing to build the buzz around their 25th June releasing album “Hyper Reels“, Oshawa, Canadian Progressive Death Metallers Maitreya have locked guitarist Mark Wylie in the studio to record a guitar playthrough video for second single “Departed“. The strength of the pair of singles released so early in the album cycle is impressive and fortunately

NEWS: Maitreya talk to the departed?

Not for the faint of heart, having energised us with “Catalyst“, Oshawa, Canada’s Maitreya have just released the second single “Departed” from their 25th June 2021 dropping album “Hyper Reels“. It’s often said that extremes push out but with this new work the band are promising a higher degree of complexity in their Progressive Death