NEWS: Maitreya get inspired by “Waking Life”!

The fourth and final music video preceding the upcoming 25th June sophomore album from Canadian Progressive Metalcore act Maitreya has surfaced with the band once again taking left field inspiration for it. As with the previously revealed singles, “Bloom” came to life after the band emersed themselves in well-known TV shows and movies and this one takes its inspiration from the experimental adult animated film “Waking Life”.

Bloom takes inspiration from the concept of lucid dreaming and the cryptic messages from the subconscious mind experienced in the dream state. Dreams are something we all share, whether it’s a pleasant walk through a garden with a long-lost friend, a surreal inversion of mundane life, or a horrific run-in with an unknowable evil, we all have them at some time. As universal as dreams themselves is the wish to control these experiences. Bloom explores this idea, through the eyes of a dreamer who finds themselves tormented until they gain control.” adds the band.

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