NEWS: Maitreya unleash forth single “Pilgrim”!

Hyper Reels” maybe two months away but that hasn’t stopped Canadian Progressive Metalcore outfit Maitreya giving us a fourth single from the ten track affair. 25th June is the date in question and as with a number of the cuts, the band have taken inspiration from a TV show, while the video itself is a psychedelic experience.

Guitarist Mark Wylie’ comments: “Pilgrim has one of the more broad scoped lyrics concepts in the album. It talks about social trends and the kind of philosophy which organizes our society, which came to mind after seeing an episode of Black Mirror. Our society is organized in a way that leads many to feel imprisoned and trapped within the social norms and systemic structures that exist. This song seeks to emulate both the feelings of imprisonment, as well as a more positive vision for our collective societal future.


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