Review: “Live Lies Truth Dies” by Stitchfork

Released as a collection of singles and then squished into an EP in July 2020, the debut record “Live Lies Truth Dies” from Stitchfork was born in the muddy swamps of The Hague and the Bundy marshes and carries the torch for Stoner Sludge Metal in Europe with a stomping groove…

…the Orchestration at the start of “Demon” might catch you odd guard but fortunately that’s short lived as Stitchfork smash through it with the kind of Sludge steel that Transport League have been creating with their last few records as they talk of wanting to release inner demons. The stripped down garage band raw style is refreshing and by the time the driving song that is “Dead Man” hits with its higher tempo and chantable lyrics, it’s time to raise a glass and bang your head. It’s easy drinking like a pint of mild and there is no need to over complicate it as less is more when it comes to this style. The title track lyrically is “Preacher” which calls out a hypocrite who talks a good game but does the opposite with classic Southern Metal groove, the drawl of the vocals being absolutely spot on. Indeed if Stitchfork dropped a Clutch or Scissorfight cover it would be no surprise. Taking things up a notch with “Delia“, which adds in a more distinctive second guitar part as it tears up the road in front of it and throws down a closing solo of sorts, the finish is fitting a fun and old school release that is a more than suitable accompaniment for a beer [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Demon
  2. Dead Man
  3. Preacher
  4. Delia

“Live Lies Truth Dies” by Stitchfork is out now

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