Bootleg: “Curse of Ak-Kady” from Theosophy!

Russian Black Metal act Theosophy claimed the “Towers Of Dark Pantheon” back in May 2020 and have chosen one of the records prime cuts in “Curse of Ak-Kady” for a live in the studio rendition. As an album it was recorded, engineered and mixed by [K]onstantin [K]orotaev (Dryados, Black Forest, Anima Corpus) during Sept/Nov 2019 at Wave-Records and KHR studio it’s soaked in lyrical themes of Altai history and mythology, Scandinavian heroes, Christian and biblical surroundings and even Cosmic Chaos which run through the black heart of the album as it is saturated with religious themes from different nations. So if that is an enticing offering, you can find out more here.

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