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Bootleg: “From Eternity To Past” from Theosophy!

Alongside this pro-shot live footage of “From Eternity To Past” from Russian Black Metallers Theosophy comes the suggestion with simple reference that a new live album celebrating their album “Towers Of Dark Pantheon” titled “Live Pantheon” will be surfacing from the abyss in the new year. The show was recorded in April 2021 in Novosibirsk,

Bootleg: “The Land Of The Frozen Hills” from Theosophy!

Still climbing Rapunzels knotted braids at the  “Towers Of Dark Pantheon“, Russian Black Metallers Theosophy have given us “The Land Of The Frozen Hills” cut from their home town show in Barnaul, Russia on 12th December 2020, pro-shot in glorious black and white. As your might expect, given its title, the original version appears on

Bootleg: “Curse of Ak-Kady” from Theosophy!

Russian Black Metal act Theosophy claimed the “Towers Of Dark Pantheon” back in May 2020 and have chosen one of the records prime cuts in “Curse of Ak-Kady” for a live in the studio rendition. As an album it was recorded, engineered and mixed by [K]onstantin [K]orotaev (Dryados, Black Forest, Anima Corpus) during Sept/Nov 2019

Bootleg: “At The Heart of Winter” from Theosophy!

Freshly dug up from the archives Russian Black Metallers Theosophy have gone back to Barnaul and 22nd April 2012 for a cover of “At The Heart of Winter” by Immortal. Back in May 2020 they released and we reviewed their fifth studio album together “Towers Of Dark Pantheon” which is soaked in lyrical themes of

Review: “Towers Of Dark Pantheon” by Theosophy

Russian Black Metal act Theosophy have reached a milestone with “Towers Of Dark Pantheon” being their fifth studio album together. After all the years of productive activity, successful gigs and flattering reviews from different parts of the world, “Towers Of Dark Pantheon” is an album that promises much. Recorded, engineering and mixed by [K]onstantin [K]orotaev