NEWS: Raze find the Fervor?

Indonesian Thrashers Raze have taken a step back to their 2019 album “So Repeat This Line” in order to dedicate a video for “Fervor” to “unsung heroes who fight and sacrifice for a better humanity and the World“. Their last single “Kratzer” appeared just over a year ago so here’s hoping for new material real soon. Find out more over at bandcamp.

The band comment: “All of our musics are dedicated for each, and every souls who fall as victims of mass destruction, which caused, and still tolerate by those who are able to prevent and stop this particular event. We are fully aware for the fact that, our message may not reach every ears, minds and hearts. Yet, for those who clearly get what we are saying, please raise the awareness toward the issues that we scream in our arts, through your own way or whatever piece of arts or creations that you guys could do

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