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Review: “Ad Infinitum” by Raze

In the midst of the winter of discontent the return of Pandang Indonesian Metalcore merchants Raze with a follow up to 2019’s the well received “So Repeat This Line” almost went under the radar fortunately getting our attention with single “313“. That features not only a guest appearance  from Deni Januarta of The Secret but also

Documentary: The Making Of “Ad Infinitum” from RAZE!

29th December saw the release of a sophomore record “Ad Infinitum” from West Sumatra Metallers RAZE who have taken the opportunity to go full on cinematic with orchestrations on three of four new cuts recorded at 3amStudio, Bardcore (Heatwave) that also sees them joined by a pair of guests in Fris Okta and The Secret.

NEWS: RAZE take on the tigers with “Ad Infinitum”!

No longer writing lines on a chalk board, Pandang inhabitants RAZE have plucked the orchestral version of “313” that also features a guest appearance from Deni Januarta of The Secret to share the release date with a new EP titled “Ad Infinitum” and given it a full music video makeover. A cast of ten including a

NEWS: Raze find the Fervor?

Indonesian Thrashers Raze have taken a step back to their 2019 album “So Repeat This Line” in order to dedicate a video for “Fervor” to “unsung heroes who fight and sacrifice for a better humanity and the World“. Their last single “Kratzer” appeared just over a year ago so here’s hoping for new material real

Under The Influence #42: Raze on “L’Enfant Sauvage” by Gojira!

Originally formed as Godzilla in 1996 and changing their name five years later to Gojira, brothers Joe Duplantier (lead vocals, guitar) and Mario Duplantier (drums, backing vocals), guitarist Christian Andreu, and bassist Jean-Michel Labadie are well known to most. They hail from the city of Bayonne in France and are known for Environmental themed lyrics while

NEWS: Raze unleash “Kratzer”!

Earlier this week you may have seen our review of “So Repeat This Line” by Indonesian Metalcore act Raze. You know, if you were looking. Anyway, no sooner have we published that, than they’ve collaborated with 3am Studio, Yusi Media, Gazp, Fris Dplust and Culture of Resistance to being “Kratzer” to the table.

Review: “So Repeat This Line” by Raze

When a band come out with a statement like “we combined the elements of thrash metal, nu-metal, heavy metal, modern metal with contemporary classical and minimal music” eyebrows get raised. The first question is “what do they actually sound like then?” and then the second thought might be to give it a miss because on