Review: “Love Eternally” by Filthy Crook

Just over a year after their debut EP “From Filth To Filth” was released, Oulu Finland natives Filthy Crook are ready to drop another Groove laden slab of melancholic Death Metal upon our awaiting ears. This time out there is a change as vocalist Ville Lehtoranta has exited stage left to be replaced by Nico Jämsä, however the rest of the band – guitarists Joni “Meppis” Mettovaara and Jaakko Sepponen, drummer Jarno Väyrynen and bassist Joni “Jänis” Saarela remain in place for a collection of sounds which revolve around love, be it unhealthy or not and released on Valentine’s Day.

Recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Eemeli Bodde (Mors Subita, Funeral For the Masses, Detset), this second offering from perhaps promises something darker and moodier than the bands previous record with its lyrical themes and “True Golden Rule” delivers on that with Jämsä bringing brutal Death Metal vocal growl stylings to a dark and brooding mid tempo chugger about Man being a carnal beast above all else. Menacing leads overlay as the tempo shifts up in the latter stages creating a crescendo of a finale with a whirlwind of percussive battery and riffs a plenty. The song of the psychopath, “At 3am” is bipolar in its lyrical approach with Jämsä playing the role of the protagonist stalking his prey in vicious bloodthirsty fashion. It’s harrowing and direct like on the abusers side of an abusive relationship whereby the abuser both loves and hates his lover. Sonically it packs a sinister punch and lines and there is no doubt that “you’re filthy!” will be the fist pumping crowd chant when this is played live. From that dark aggression comes “Love Eternally“, a Melodic Death Metal love song for Metal Heads that is a declaration of love in heavy style with no soppiness or balladry. Sumptuous leads overlay pummeling rhythms and while it seems they have left some of their Groove Metal orientation behind, it is by no means an evolution as the essence of the original sound is still there, only refined like an aged Whiskey and the fitting conclusion in the instrumental “Together” with it’s melancholic ache of acoustic guitar playing out against the pouring rain is a fitting end to something as powerful as this [8/10]

Track listing

  1. True Golden Rule
  2. At 3am
  3. Love Eternally
  4. Together (Outro)

Love Eternally” by Filthy Crook is out 14th February

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