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Bootleg: “Endless Sacrifice” from Filthy Crook!

Celebrating the first anniversary of their sophomore EP “Love Eternally“, a dark look at love from all angles from the mind of new vocalist Nico Jamsa, Finnish Death Groove Metallers Filthy Crook have shared a live performance of “Endless Sacrifice“. One of a number of live bonus tracks that appear on a limited edition physical

Listmania: New Years Day Honours List 2021!

We reached a lot of milestone markers in the success of Metal Noise in 2021 and while we weren’t able to bring you anywhere near as many live reviews as we’d hoped for or any summer Festival coverage (for obvious reasons), there were some real bucket list moments chalked off, including our fly on the

NEWS: Filthy Crook premier “Love Eternally” music video!

Armed with a new vocalist and some fresh ideas, Finnish Groove influenced Death Metallers Filthy Crook surprised us with a new song entitled “Love Ethernally” during a set of songs they released live from their rehearsal space that were originally going to be part of an live streamed festival. That was the precursor to their

Exclusive Interview: Filthy Crook talk “Love Eternally”!

Having caught our ear with their Groove Metal fueled debut “From Filth To Filth“, the return of Finnish quintet Filthy Crook so soon was a little bit unexpected but with a new vocalist front and center and a concept EP called “Live Eternally” revolving around love, some of which is seriously unhealthy, they were on

Review: “Love Eternally” by Filthy Crook

Just over a year after their debut EP “From Filth To Filth” was released, Oulu Finland natives Filthy Crook are ready to drop another Groove laden slab of melancholic Death Metal upon our awaiting ears. This time out there is a change as vocalist Ville Lehtoranta has exited stage left to be replaced by Nico

NEWS: It’s 3am and Filthy Crook are on the prowl…

“You thought you could just walk into my life without a thought for anybody but yourself. You know what you are, Dan? You’re a c**k-sucking f***ing son of a b*tch. You are. I bet you don’t even like girls, do you? They probably scare you. Well, I know I do. So you’re scared of me,

Review: “Sublimation(s)” by Oria

“‘Sublimation’ is a word that bears two distinct meanings. In chemistry, it is the transition of a solid object directly to its gas phase while in Psychology it is a type of defense mechanism where the negative instincts and impulses are channeled into something positive and creative. Both meanings relate in some way to what

Bootleg: “Make It Count” from Filthy Crook!

A last month Finnish Groove Death Metallers Filthy Crook recorded a rehearsal session from multiple angles and then dropped the edited live in the studio version of “Love Eternally” for our viewing pleasure. Returning to that set they’ve cut “Make It Count” from it for us this week with the original recording taking place on

Bootleg: “Love Eternally” from Filthy Crook!

Recorded from multiple angles, Filthy Crook have dropped a live from their rehearsal space video for “Love Eternally“, recorded on 15th July with the band keeping themselves sharp for future live shows in true Groove laden Death Metal style. If you missed their EP “From Filth To Filth“, it’s an absolute banger that we highly