NEWS: It’s 3am and Filthy Crook are on the prowl…

You thought you could just walk into my life without a thought for anybody but yourself. You know what you are, Dan? You’re a c**k-sucking f***ing son of a b*tch. You are. I bet you don’t even like girls, do you? They probably scare you. Well, I know I do. So you’re scared of me, aren’t you? You’re f***ing frightened of me, huh? You’re afraid. You’re afraid, aren’t you? You gutless, heartless, spineless bastard. I hate you. You deserve everything you get!” ~ Alexandra “Alex” Forrest aka Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.

Oulu Finland based Groove infused Death Metal act Filthy Crook have released the single “At 3am” from their new EP “Love Eternally” EP and given the title, it will aptly be released on the upcoming Valentine’s Day on 14th February 2021. Lyrically taking a look at love, both healthy and otherwise, like the finest coffee, it’s a complexly dark blend and their sophomore release following debut “From Filth To Filth“.

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