Review: “Self Titled” by Army Of One

The solo project of one half of Chapfallen twin headed dragon Brad Rogers, Army Of One has been writing, recording, producing and playing for for six years or more in a bedroom in Stoke on Trent with debut EP “Heathen” appearing in the summer of 2018. Back for round two with a self titled EP, he’s joined by a couple of guests including Tom Longshaw from Chapfallen and friend James Phillips. The difference between this and a number of solo projects we’ve reviewed of late is that there is no outside producer or anyone else carrying out the mixing and mastering; it’s very much the vision of Rogers, commited to tape.

Following the slightly eerie programmed introduction, the DJent heavy “Vicious Cycle” kicks up the dust in power house style. Ear splitting uncleans barked over the slower, menacing groove are broken up by a dark spoken word piece before a sublime Tech-Metal solo adds an unexpected shine, the light through the darkness before “Burrows” plunges you back into the black depths with hints of Reflections influence. Punishing rhythmic grooves with venomus spleen venting vocals are broken for an eerie and sinister spoken word over a churning riff that spits black acid nausea like battery acid. The introspective lyrics are crushed into dust by the weight of the main vocal delivery while a perfectly positioned sample before a brutal breakdown is perfectly timed. “Palpitate” is the aforementioned cut that features Tom Longshaw of Chapfallen and he brings the off kilter riffs that bring a Reflections vibe to the plate with some haunting melodies underneath the powerhouse groove that brings the chill of a haunted house to a rollercoaster ride. The finale that is “Hollow Eulogy” changes gear with more of an early 2000’s Metalcore riff orientation and punchy chugging staccato riffage that hits home like a prize fighter with some well executed tempo shifts [7.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Intro
  2. Vicious Cycle (ft. James Phillips)
  3. Burrows
  4. Palpitate (ft. Tom Longshaw of Chapfallen)
  5. Hollow Eulogy

Self Titled” by Army Of One is out now

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