NEWS: Next Door To Heaven announce new EP!

Russian Progressive Metalcore band Next Door To Heaven have announced they will be self-releasing a new EP called Inside” on 25th March. Featuring 5 all new DJent fueled Melodic Progressive Metalcore compositions along with special guest vocals from ex-Stuck Mojo frontman Lord Nelson and guitarist Evgenii “Gene” Mazunov bringing a 9-string Ibanez to the studio, this is one that promised much.

Vocalist and lyricist Daria Mazunova comments: “We put our souls into the music we create, always. It’s not about making music for something in return, not about making it for fun. It’s about emotions transformed into music. I would say for ‘Inside’, we entered into more Metalcore territory though it doesn’t mean there aren’t prog components or experimentation done. Conceptually, the general idea of the EP is a fight between a human and a machine and a master/obeying inside one person. If you look at the cover art you will see a heart combined with a car engine in the moment of ignition.” 

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