NEWS: Against Evil reach the bitter end…?

After the band released two albums in 2015’s ‘Fatal Assault‘ and 2018’s ‘All Hail the King‘ which were both met with critical acclaim, Indian Heavy Metal force Against Evil are returning for round #3 and “End of the Line” with the backing of Doc Gator Records on 14th May. Now that the echoes of first single “The Sound Of Violence” has faded out, they’ve returned with the a lyric video for the title track with those all important pre-orders available here


Guitarist Shasank shares more details about the song: “This is the title song and also the heaviest song on the album! It’s about a dystopian future where common people have no rights and are trapped under the control of evil governments and shadow organizations. We also got the idea for the cover artwork after writing this song, where the band also known as The Army of Four are being sentenced to death by the electric chair for rebellion against the evil government. Overall, it’s a very aggressive heavy metal song with a good blend of thrash.” 

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