NEWS: Maudiir see her Ghost in the toxic cloud?

Having announced a third EP in four years set for 7th April in “Soliloque“ for 7th April with “L’Éloge du Cuivre”, one-man Blackened Thrash Army Maudiir (ex-Deeply Confused, Tears for the Dead Gods, Trinity Blast) has offered up a second piece of the puzzle in “Toxic Cloud“. Citing inspirations including the first Emperor album as well as offerings from Mayhem and Satyricon this new five track affair looks to be as razor sharp as its predecessors. Pre-orders are available over at bandcamp.

Maudiir comments: “It is a riff-driven EP with big bass grooves and corrosive vocals raging on environmental issues, mixing thrash metal, black metal, and progressive elements, giving it a unique sound and feel. Honestly, when I’m working on an EP, I pretty much let the songs come as they are without trying to force a style or recipe. Nothing is really planned. I think the vocals are the glue to what I do; it’s the sound of my voice that makes MAUDIIIR, like it or not.”

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