NEWS: Eclipser shall never wake…

“To Never Wake Again” is just one of five cuts on the forthcoming harsh, succinct and brutally to the point EP “Pages” from Canadian Blackend Death Metal quartet Eclipser. mixed by Mike Raymond of Reverence Audio and mastered by Topon Das (F*** The Facts) while being produced by the band themselves, 28th May will see it come forth and crush the life from your very soul as the beast spews forth a foreboding visceral hatred that will leave you questioning everything that has ever existed. Pre-orders are of course available over at bandcamp

Ryan Menard (Guitar, Vocals) comments: “To Never Wake Again depicts the life-denying voice of reason that manifests internally when one’s existence is reduced to meaningless suffering. A depressive mentality that justifies taking the ultimate easy way out, offering the afflicted the suggestion of a painless solution. This song is the lowest point of the record, with punishing riffs and an overall negative atmosphere that builds towards a soulful and cathartic guitar solo. In short, we’re bringing the bad vibes.”

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