Bootleg: Kill The Imposter in Jacksonville Florida!

The end of the month will see Florida Beatdown Deathcore outfit Kill The Imposter unleash their debut album “The Violence Sessions” which has been preceded by singles “Suffer Alone“, “Mace” and “Dongan Hills“. Known for bringing the live energy with vocalist Johnny Nobody regularly seen swinging from the rafters or jumping from bar to bar, the band were filmed at Hit The Lights Productions studios in Jacksonville Florida doing what they do best.

Vocalist Johnny Nobody quotes about the band’s evolution: “I think the four of us come from not insanely different places, but different enough that we had to create our own sound. I mean, we didn’t invent the wheel for sure, but I think me trying to put my NYHC roots in everything helped guide the boat a bit. So at the beginning very simple beat-down riffs moved to a now more guided route. I mean we had to figure out who we were and weren’t. When we get those goosebumps listening back to demos – that’s when we know it’s ready for the masses to enjoy.

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