Bootleg: “Septuagint” from Obscura!

Continuing to plough through the archives, German Progressive Death Metallers Obscura have gone back to Way Of The Darkness Festival in 2011 for this pro-shot footage of their performance of “Septuagint“. The cut is of course the opening one on their album “Omnivium” and a decade later the band are in the process of finishing off their sixth studio record, guitar tracking being completed a month ago.

Steffen Kummerer comments: “Recording this 6th full length album for Obscura has been a smooth process from the beginning to end. Working with Fredrik Nordström in Sweden tracking acoustic guitars, vocals and dialing in a crushing guitar sound turned into a reincarnation of the bands signature sound blended with the world famous Fredman-twist. For the production Engl Amps built a brand new custom Savage 120 MKII and shipped the amp directly to Sweden to keep our very own tone, extended with Fredrik’s 30+ years of experience and numerous timeless classics in his vita. This album goes to 11 and beyond.

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