Documentary: “No Lasting Memories” #25 from Weaponry!

We’re going to spare you the “It’s Been AwhileStaind pun and simply say that the Sex, Drugs and Sausage Rolls lifestyle of the last 18 months is about to come to an abrupt end for certain members of Weaponry as they will need to get gig body ready for Rabidfest in Oxford in November. It’s going to be a big deal with North East Technical Deathcore titans Osiah and Thrash Metal legends Diamond Head on the bill so they’re going to want to live up to their sweaty mess of a high energy live show reputation. It’s been five months since the last episode of their long playing documentary series that has now surpassed the number of Friday the 13th and Police Academy movies combined and so episode #25 is a welcome return. Time to blindly follow… Tickets for Rabidfest 2021 are available here.


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