NEWS: Another Now ask “Who is to say what is real?”…

…with their latest single “Cascade” from upcoming new album “OMNI” and the new track comes complete with a DIY by the band directed, shot and edited music video, keeping things completely in house. Pre-orders for the physical edition and merch bundles are available here with the album from the Metalcore outfit dropping in just a couple of weeks on 16th June.

The band comment: “In one day, from 8.30am till 00:30am, we busted our asses to capture the story we had in mind. This chapter tells of a person suffering from psychotic episodes, overloaded by a hellish state of fear and a focus on survival. Different events trigger the chain of nightmares and forces the person to escape, somewhere the horror can not reach, but finds there is no escaping it. The lyrics reflect the things I witness firsthand working as a social worker in mental health care. I want people listening to the song to get a grasp of how it might feel to have psychotic episodes and maybe build some understanding.”

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