Throwback: “Something I Can Trust” by Tribute To Nothing!

Established in 1992 Worcester Post Hardcore quartet Tribute To Nothing build around the axis of brothers Ben (drums), Jim (vocals, bass) and Sam (Guitars) Turner who together with Kris Stammer (guitars) took on the World over an eighteen year, seven album career. Highlights of that run include 2005’s Destiny Records release “How Many Times Did We Live?” From which single “Something I Can Trust” made an impact while their DVD (remember those?) a year prior “A Brand New Cause to Fuel the Fire” was evidence enough to stand up in court. Their early career benefited from sessions with the BBC with the band praised by the legendary and much missed John Peel, while European tours with bands like Hot Water Music and No Use For A Name have to go down as huge victories for them with more than a few giving them praise…

Andy Lapham of Rocksound Magazine said: “They’ve outgrown skatecore, evolving into a gutsy hardcore/rock ‘n’ roll hybrid unafraid to break the moulds of the genre. Inspirational.”

Dan Silver from Metal Hammer wrote: “Adding a distinct layer of English grime to the churning, crunching, discordant riffs, Tribute rail against the shortcomings of modern life in impressively vitriolic style.”

Kerrang! Magazine’s Simon Young quoted: “Their sound is more mature and more angry than ever….they are the aural equivalent of a frenzied hammer attack…a soundtrack for the discontented.”

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