NEWS: Defy The Tyrants get “Force Fed”?

San Diego California’s Defy The Tyrants spent 2020 writing and recording with five singles completed for staggered release. The second of those in “Force Feed” has surfaced, developing on the bands blended sound of DJent, Death, Thrash and Nu-Metal like chemists, while reading between the lines of the bands social media hints it looks like 2022 will see a big US tour and album…

The band comment: ““Force Feed” is one the fastest, most thrashiest songs in our catalog. Musically, it’s mean and ugly while vocally it’s pissed and relentless. “Force Feed” is simply circle head banging galore! The cover art for “Force Feed” was masterfully hand drawn by Artem Astaroth and was conceptually designed by Zach and Jandro. Unlike previous cover art for our music releases, we wanted to take a stab at something different for this one and pay homage to the underground thrash metal bands of the 80’s and 90’s. We wanted to tell a gruesome story and obviously, the cover says it all”

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