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NEWS: Defy The Tyrants share final single of 2022?

Can we say “they say that” to start three items of news in a row?! Sure, why not. They say that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. There we said it. Just a few days after Defy The Tyrants celebrated the fact that their now two year old single “Vicious” has crossed the 100k

NEWS: Defy The Tyrants crack the mirror of vanity?

After their last single paid homage to their Nu-Metal influences, Defy The Tyrants have offered up a fourth single from the same 2020 recording sessions that sees them return to the DJent fueled Deathcore roots in “Vanity” that sees them utilize the Toneforge Jeff Loomis from Joey Sturgis Tones to track guitars… The band comment:

NEWS: Defy The Tyrants change gear with Vicious?

San Diego Californian’s Defy The Tyrants have unleashed the melodically brutal “Vicious” a third single release of 2021. A Modern Metal homage to 90’s Nu-Metal bands such as Korn, Slipknot and Mudvayne (who are all very much alive and well at the present time) represents something of a departure from their usual brand of DJent, Deathcore

NEWS: Defy The Tyrants get “Force Fed”?

San Diego California’s Defy The Tyrants spent 2020 writing and recording with five singles completed for staggered release. The second of those in “Force Feed” has surfaced, developing on the bands blended sound of DJent, Death, Thrash and Nu-Metal like chemists, while reading between the lines of the bands social media hints it looks like

NEWS: Defy The Tyrants step out from the shadows…

After vocalist Bill Sanders exited stage left to prioritize his project Absolute Hate back in December, it appeared as though, from the outside at least, things were in the balance for Defy The Tyrants. But working quietly away on new material they have found a new frontman in Zach Salazar and with “Hiding In Shadows”