NEWS: Foreign Pain sound the division bell…

Foreign Pain, who feature in their ranks former The Ghost Inside guitarist/vocalist Aaron Brooks have released a second single from their upcoming 3rd September Good Fight Music releasing debut album “Death Of Divinity“. Picking up where they left off with first cut “…On Failure” the second one “Knell” and delivered another spine crushing slab of Metallic Hardcore. Written over the last five years, “Death of Divinity” was engineered by Roger Camero (No Motiv) at Bright Lights, Bright Mountain Studios and mixed and mastered by Beau Burchell (Saosin) with the band inspired by the likes of Turmoil, Converge and Eighteen Visions looking to capture the chaotic and angry essence of 2000s’ era Metalcore and Hardcore with a modern sensibility and style.

On “Knell”, vocalist Andrew Doyle had this to say: “A lot of the themes on this record center around addiction, loss, depression, and this song is no exception to that.  In the middle of writing this record I almost lost one of my favorite humans on this earth to an attempted suicide.  This person has struggled with mental disorders, addiction, and trauma for years, and this attempt shattered me.  Most of the record is me picking up the pieces and trying to make sense of things, and cope with the guilt of feeling like enough is never enough. Musically, ‘Knell’ takes the listener on arguably the largest journey of any song on the record. Pushing the boundaries of genre is something that we as a band have strived for from the beginning of writing this LP. This track represents that ambition at it’s best.”

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