NEWS: Freedom calls for CroMagnum?

After much delay for obvious reasons, Vancouver Canada’s CroMagnum have been able to shoot a music video for the title track of their upcoming new EP “Born Free“. Recorded as a trio the drum stool now remains vacant despite the 17th September via King Metal Records with the band mastermind vocalist and guitarist Maximus Rex perhaps also wanting to recruit a second guitarist to be able to do the new release justice in the live arena. Not wanting to do things by halves, he’s  written a comic book entitled “Bigg Baby: Tales From The Id” in support of the EP…


The band explains the imagery behind the track: “The very heart of the here and now. That’s what you’re getting with ‘’Born Free’’. A blistering creed splashed in blood on the walls of your city. The wailing cries of the unwashed masses rising from the alleyway. A growing movement of resistance against the restrictions imposed by the unworthy. The beast grows hungry, and it’s time to feed.’

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