NEWS: Snakeblade get seduced?

A sophomore album from solo project Snakeblade in just 18 months is the last thing we expected but Mike Redston has written, performed and recorded “The Curse” for a 13th October release with “The Red Mage’s Seduction” given as the first taste alongside artwork from Elizabeth Holmes. The multi-instrumentalist did vocals, guitars and bass while getting Dennis Kraakman to do the drums and on this evidence their has been a style shift with the sound of “The Kingdom” bordering on Power Metal cursed by Black Metal, while this new cut offers a darker Blackened Thrash sound with symphonic elements…


Mike Redston comments: “The music has grown immensely in complexity and scale. A session drummer was hired to handle blasting the kit. There are new orchestral elements of strings, pianos, and choirs. Atmospheric synth interludes. Holy hell, there’s even a sexy saxophone solo! Lyrically, “The Curse” is somewhat of a concept album revolving around Game of Thrones. I say “somewhat” because as I began writing, the initial inspiration from GOT started mixing with my own experiences. What came out is a melting pot of nerdy fantasy shit plus my own personal shit. GOT plotlines of The Red Woman, Stannis Baratheon, and the Lord of Light religion meet my own personal plot lines of betrayal, failure, and rage. Overall, these songs are both deeply emotional and deeply nerdy.”

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