Exclusive Interview: Sore Teeth talk “This Is Our Core”!

When it comes down to brass tacks and bare essentials, there is something immediately gratifying about both the sound and the shows of Hardcore bands. Simple, effective and straight to the point with high energy, breakdowns piled up and throat shredding vocals, it’s all that you need. Influenced by classic Hardcore Punk with an undercurrent of 80’s Thrash nostalgia, Sore Teeth have been cutting their way through the urban undergrowth since 2017’s “Revolution” and now with their latest offering “This Is Our Core” they’ve joined the growing roster of Kingside Records…

How have you found the reaction to the summer’s release “This Is Our Core” so far? “So far so good! We’ve had some people message us on Instagram saying how much they’ve enjoyed it and the YouTube response has been good too”

There is a lot of love globally for EP stand out “Salvation” with 3.3k YouTube Streams for the music video created with the help of Gav Chuckie Steel from Digitall Media and distributed via the Hardcore Worldwide YouTube channel. It’s a classic graffiti in a disused building Hardcore video; How important is it to land a top drawer music video like that and get the love? “It’s so important for us, in the world of YouTube its important to have a video that grabs people’s attention so people want to click on it ( big shout out to Gav who scouted the location for us! ). We also wanted to pay homage to videos of the bands we love like biohazard. Being on HCWW is a great platform to help us reach people in countries all over the world!”

You’ve joined US label Kingside Records for “This Is Our Core“, who have a growing roster including Texas brutes Cauterized and our very own Metallica Hardcore outfit Hounds. How did the leap from being independent to being signed come about and what has the label power meant for the band going forward? “The deal came about through conversations with the owner of Kingside Records, he is heavily connected with our management company Terror Crew Productions. – It’s certainly going to open more doors in terms of getting gigs in the states and the EU!”

As a Hardcore band you’ve been getting progressively heavier (to our ears at least!) with influences in Hatebreed and Terror regularly mentioned in the past but the new record sounds much more Biohazard meets Nails. How much of the gradual beefing up of the sound has been intentional and how much has it been a natural progression? Do you plan a return to roots record in 5 years? “It’s something that has been in our minds over that past few years, but during lockdown Ross decided to re-record some of our songs but with screaming vocals and we thought “dude that’s it”! It’s been more of a natural progression and everytime we feel we’re as heavy as we’ll get it just keeps on getting heavier”

We think you’d do very well in the US on a tour run with bands like Sanction, Section H8, Jesus Piece and so on; is that still the dream? “It’s certainly something we’re still looking to do as most of our favourite bands are from there!”

What’s next for Sore Teeth? You mentioned working on an album when we saw you at the Lounge Bar?  “Yeah we’re currently in the middle of recording the new album (as yet unnamed) so that’s our main focus for the immediate future, but now looking forward to some more gigs of the new material under our belt – there might be a couple of surprises on the way too!”

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