NEWS: Daily Insanity take “Chronicles Of Riffs” to the Oscars?

German old school thrashers Daily Insanity have teamed up with director Ronald Matthes (Volbeat, Machine Head, Sodom) to premier the directors cut of the video trilogy “Chronicles Of Riffs” in support of their critically acclaimed debut album “Chronicles Of War” that means fans now have the chance to see the whole story of the music video trilogy in one go, with a reworked soundscape as raw and violent as the music itself…

The band comment: “The idea for the trilogy was to tell a story that doesn’t have anything to do with the songs, but rather stands as a kind of visual statement for the entire album. The story tells of a soldier who has to go to war. He leaves his family and meets his best buddy, whom he loses a little bit later in a battle. It all ends with the soldier dying lonely. The question “Is it worth it?” is a big one and in general, symbols and metaphors are playing a big role in our trilogy. We always wanted to present the whole story in one short movie after the album is released and here we are. Ronald did an amazing job and the whole crew worked hard to make this happen. The result is amazing!

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