NEWS: Snakeblade prepare to bur cursed…?

The sophomore album from Canadian solo project Snakeblade is very much on the horizon with “The Curse” set for 13th October. Inspired by the like of Game of Thrones and Dungeons and Dragons, the album is set to see an evolution in the sound, moving into Blackened Death Metal territories for the first time and using the session drumming skills of Dennis Kraakman to complete the vision. A second single in “Foul Sorcery of Flame and Shadow” has premiered with pre-orders as always available over at bandcamp.

Mike Redston comments: “This track is absolute bananas. I consider this to be my most technical song off The Curse with some super fun riffs. Guitar wise it’s got flavours of everything from Archspire to Metallica. And lyrically, it’s a complete homage to Game of Thrones – fans of the show will no doubt be able to spot the reference. It starts full-on with a relentless attack of blast beats and shredding. Then about halfway through you get this complete shift to a half-time neck-snapping section. It’s closed out by a silky smooth acoustic outro to seal the deal.”


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