NEWS: Tortured Saint announce new album “Diemanthia” with “Atrocity”!

London, Ontario Groove Metal quintet Tortured Saint have spent the last year and a half writing and recording their sophomore album “Diemanthia“, a self produced record mixed by DevilDriver guitarist Mike Spreitzer  which will see release in early 2022. Getting you warmed up for that the band have unleashed a searing, propelling new cut from it in  “Atrocity” alongside a new lyric video that hints at more skull splitting riffs, spine shattering groove breakdowns and mosh pit anthems to come…

Frontman Jereme Geroux comments on the album: “Hidden behind the guise of religion and public servitude, the chosen few who control the world burn it within inches of depletion. The working class are turned against each other, left to smolder among the remains

Guitarist, Tim Reaper adds: “We really got focused after the tour and wanted to expand on our strengths as a band. We saw how fans reacted to certain songs and felt the need to give them a heavier more sonically “in your face” sound while taking you through all the intricate layers that embody an anthem-style assault of riffs. Self-producing this album gave us the time to examine ideas, and really focus on the quality and strength of each song.

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