Review: “Negative Transfer” by Nür

There are certain parts of the Globe where it is as rare as rocking horse s*** for a band to be heard on the international scene, despite the World getting progressively smaller by the day with the advances that technology brings and we can safely say that Haifa in Israel is a place firmly in that category. Not that there aren’t plenty of bands in the region but you have to look harder to find them than you do others, which in many respects is a crying shame. Metal is a Global phenomenon that deserves to be celebrated where ever it hails from. For guitarist Eran Mazin, bassist and vocalist Ben Belial, guitarist Liam Elias and drummer Eyal Lat who formed Nür in 2018, they are fortunate enough to have established a cult following for their Doom laden Sludge Metal sound thanks to the well received debut “Light Emerges” from 2019…

…Fueled by the experiences of their everyday life, Nür have channeled all their feelings and frustrations amidst all the chaos running over their region into a trio of dark and ominous tales with menacing overtones that show a remarkable improvement in bands craft thanks to the time and dedication they have clearly put into it. Opening cut “Ein Junes” turns back from staring at the sun and awaiting immolation with a clenched fist and declaration of daring to continue in the face of adversity that echoes bands like Leeched and Chestcrush with some well worked transitions between tempo shifts that move like desert sands in the winds of plague. Equally skull crushing is “The Snake” which sounds like Nails playing EyeHateGod covers, each dragged out note sounding like nails on a chalk board as Belial and Mazin switch verses to allow their larynx troubling vocals to rattle around your skull like a bullet ricochet. “Negative Transfer” captures the band as if playing live, a warts and all performance of pure cathartic destruction that is packed full of dense and heavy riffs and anguished vocals that you can feel every moment of pain from. This isn’t woe is me introspection but something forged in real pain with blood, sweat and tears and the final notes of “Klala” represent a final release, as if the band are staring into the abyss begging to be consumed [7.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Ein Junes
  2. The Snake
  3. Klala

Negative Transfer” by Nür is out 15th October 2021 via Suicide Records and available for pre-order over at bandcamp

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