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Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 EPs of 2021!

It’s snow joke that having reviewed 365 plus albums and EPs in 2021 this category is the toughest of the lot to make decisions upon. The Great Plague Years have served to reinvigorate the format with some bands even choosing to split an album into bite sized EP releases over 12 months to keep their

Review: “Light Emerges” by Nür

After Haifa, Israel based trio Nür unveiled their sophomore EP “Negative Transfer” in October via Suicide Records (who currently acts as an independent record label based in Gothenburg, Sweden and Tampere, Finland) we decided that going back to their debut in 2019’s “Light Emerges” for a belated review. Consisting of bassist and vocalist Eran Mazin,

Exclusive Interview: NUR talk “Negative Transfer”!

Last week saw the release of the sophomore EP “Negative Transfer” from Haifa Israel based Doom laden Sludge Metal quartet Nür, the follow up to their critically acclaimed debut “Light Emerges” so after our ears had stopped ringing, we spoke to guitarist Eran Mazin about their World, influences and of course the EP in the

Review: “Negative Transfer” by Nür

There are certain parts of the Globe where it is as rare as rocking horse s*** for a band to be heard on the international scene, despite the World getting progressively smaller by the day with the advances that technology brings and we can safely say that Haifa in Israel is a place firmly in