Review: “Light Emerges” by Nür

After Haifa, Israel based trio Nür unveiled their sophomore EP “Negative Transfer” in October via Suicide Records (who currently acts as an independent record label based in Gothenburg, Sweden and Tampere, Finland) we decided that going back to their debut in 2019’s “Light Emerges” for a belated review. Consisting of bassist and vocalist Eran Mazin, guitarist and vocalist Ben Belial and drummer Eyal Lat who formed the band a year before the release of their debut…

The huge lumbering riff of “Trader” is the key to its success as it gradually builds with rolling drum fills and horce vocals from both Lat and Mazin that accompany it in one tone making it the sonic equivalent of a pre-historic monolithic beast that is trudging across the plains of existence carrying a heavy load. It’s a stylistic leaning that reminds of American acts like  EyeHateGod or Neurosis and continues into the slower, anguished “Water“. For Nür it’s all about that slow burn, a gradual intoxication of the listener, putting them into an almost mediative state and playing at those slower tempos takes a lot more skill in musicianship that bands are often given credit for. Steady, crushing and ominous swells keep the fires burning brightly with a searing intensity in the vocals that is simply unyeilding. Tightening the noose with another gargantuan piece of Sludge fueled Doom Metal, “Wise” feels like being dragged into an abyss of bleak darkness that begins to creep into a Post-Metal landscape like a vortex that gradually pulls at your soul until disintegration is almost inevitable. The leads add a menacing touch to the slow chugging and almost ritualistic drum patterns that accompany the caustic screams from the fires of Hell and while this might not work at album length, it works perfectly as an EP. It’s seriously powerful. [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Trader
  2. Water
  3. Wise

Light Emerges” from Nur is out now via Suicide Records and available over at bandcamp

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